Social media or Hell?

In the end of 2016, going to a midterm I lost my phone in the bus. I was really stressed at the time.  I was trying to study a little bit more in the bus before getting into class and get my midterm done and, once I step out of the bus, I realized that I was without it.

I stayed almost 15 days without a phone and, I have to say, It was the most calm and relaxing days of my life. I didn’t have to check on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any social media all the time. Plus, I had more 3 midterms on the way, so I needed to focus. So, I had time to myself, and I had more time to be with people that I like and to be really there with them, present.

I realized that after have loosing it , I could sleep  better, I was less anxious and I was more open to talk with people. I  always tried to avoid awkward moments, mostly, because I’m not that secure in a second language, and also I’m kinda a shy guy. Happily (or not) I got my phone back and I felt that a piece of me was restored.

But, even thought I have it back and everything is completely fine, I feel that I need to step back a little bit again. I feel that I have to “lost my phone again” for some few days.  I mean, I don not have any problem with Internet and social media: I’m not a hippie guy that is against, but It just feels bad sometimes.

I am in my bedroom now,  alone, trying to catch up in some TV shows. It’s a holiday here in Brazil and I just don’t want to worry about anything. And all the time that I tried to open WhatsApp there is some problem to solve, someone gossiping about something and I just feel exhausted. All my energy has been drown out. I just deactivated my Facebook yesterday, to take a break. But it seems that I’m going to need to do the same thing with my other social media. Literally,  I have to lost my phone, again.



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