A quarter of century crisis?

I just came back from an exchange. It was an amazing experience: I did new friends, I learned amazing things and I could experience a new culture. It have been 2 months that I am back here and I feel stuck. Paralyzed.

I wish I could find a new job. Do something would be nice, But, I have been trying since I arrived here and I just cannot find a  job. Tons of emails sent, applications in job websites and no answer. Nothing.  We are in a middle of a political and economical crises, all my friends are looking for jobs and it’s always the same: nothing.

I’ve got thinking another day about my life. I’m not sure anymore if I want to graduate in the bachelor program that I chose. I don’t know if I want to live here anymore. I’m not sure about my love life anymore. Besides,  I feel like not going anywhere or doing anything. Sometimes I wish I had someone or something who could tell me what to do, where to go.

Maybe it’s better stay where I am now than do something that it’s not going to make me happy, I guess.


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