Uncertainty of the future.

I have always been the kind of kid who had two or three plans. If something could go wrong, I always had another plan to back it up. It was hard to let me out of the cold. But now, things have changed. There is no “me” to solve all my problems. I arrived in a road of my life that I just simply don’t know what to do.

I’m just a semester of my graduation. What I’m going to do next? What if I do not find a job? what if I’m going o stay at my parents house and growing old to be just an uncle? What about the travels that I want to do in the future? I’m going to stay here or I’m going to live in another place, again?

What about my love life: What if my boyfriend decides that I’m not the correct fit for him? What if my plans to life in Canada with him gets a cold feet? What I’m going to do with my life?

Things get worse when You have to sit in the dinner table with your family and answer a bunch of questions about something that you are not sure about. And, if your family is like my family, probably someone is going to kindly “suggest” something that you should do, even though you had never asked for advice.

But, this last few days something occurred to me: It’s nice not knowing everything. It’s nice just be. At the same point that you cannot hold the rain to pour or the sun to rise You just need to let it be. You just have to let the life follow its way.

There are somethings that I’m doing lately and that have helped me:

  • Live one day at the time.

(or, stop worrying about the future, just live the day, do what you want to do)

  • Stop complaining about things that you cannot change

Instead, try to focus on things that You can really do

  • If everything goes wrong, You still have your family and friends to help You

Remember that you are not alone :3

  • Don’t feel pressure to do things that You do not want to do. Go at your pace.

My friends sometimes wants me to go to crazy parties, or things that I do not feel like I fit in. So, I have declined some invitations. I know, it’s kinda bad, but, it’s better than you stay in a corner crying.

Kayaking Deep Cove, BC.

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